Quality Management System

The aim of Escher Process Modules is to guarantee their clients, as a minimum, the quality which they expect. Escher Process Modules even goes further.

Our management and personnel have agreed mutually to continuously work on improving the quality of their products. We will only be satisfied if our products can measure up to the products of our main competitors. Our goal, with respect to quality, innovation and work processes, is to be part of the absolute top of the Oil & Gas industry.

We are conscious this is an ambitious striven, but we are ambitious with a reason. To work consciously, improving ourselves and the result of our work every day again, is very motivating. In this atmosphere of continuous improvement, young people will rely on the ambition to be part of this. And such an environment is a nice place to work.

This quality level is assured through our Quality Management System (QMS).
Our QMS has been ISO 9001:2008 certified by Lloyd's Register Quality Assurance Ltd. (Approval Certificate No. RQA650393).