Global use of Rotating Disc Contactors

Global use of Rotating Disc Contactors October 2011 - In the 1940s, Shell developed an extraction column equipped with rotating disks, called the 'Rotating Disc Contactor' (RDC), for systematically separating certain contaminants and aromatic compounds in oil mixtures by adding solvents. The machine works according to a counter-flow principle and is used extensively in the chemical, petrochemical and oil industries. From the start of this development, Escher Process Modules has manufactured various RDC's for Shell and thus acquired a very strong reputation, partly thanks to continuous enhancement of the mechanical design. 

On account of its experience with Rotating Disc Contactors, Escher Process Modules purchased from Shell in the early 1960's the worldwide rights to use the RDC in several separation processes involving the addition of solvent.

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