Maersk Oil Qatar Gets to Grips with Gas Scrubber

Maersk Oil Qatar Gets to Grips with Gas Scrubber October 2011 - Escher Process Modules delivered three Gas Dehydration and Glycol Regeneration units for the GD and ED offshore platforms of the Al Shaheen gas field of Maersk Oil Qatar (MOQ) in the Persian Gulf in 2008. The scope for Escher Process Modules’s contract consisted of design, fabricaton and supply of three Gas Scrubbers (gas and liquid separators), three Glycol Contactors (absorption towers) and three skid-mounted Glycol Regeneration units.

The standard delivery time for the applied process internals without installation in a cage, is approximately three to four months. Due to the scheduled platform shutdown, Escher Process Modules supplied the internals in a record time of seven weeks, including a mock-up test (i.e. rehearsal of the installation and its assembly) in the workshop. Furthermore, Escher Process Modules produced a tailor-made Retrofit Installation, Operation and Maintenance Manual in addition to the customary documentation. This manual enabled MOQ to install the internals during the shutdown within three days under Escher Process Modules's supervision.

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