New GOP Flare Package for Kuwait Petroleum Europoort

New GOP Flare Package for Kuwait Petroleum Europoort May 2014 - In March 2013, Escher Process Modules received the order for the GOP Flare replacement for Kuwait Petroleum Europoort (KPE). The GOP Flare is part of the Q8 refinery in the Europoort Area in Rotterdam. The flare replacement was scheduled to be finished before the Turn Around (TA) that KPE started in October 2013. This means that the scheduling of the project was critical and required a joint effort by KPE (as the end user), Jacobs (as the EPC contractor) and Escher to complete the project and start-up the new flare before the Turn Around.

A flare system as described in this article consists of a flare stack and a flare tip with pipes that feed gas to the stack. Flaring is a controlled way of burning excess refinery gas in the oil & gas exploration, production and processing. Escher designed, fabricated and delivered the flare stack and flare tip for this system.

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