Alba B3 Compression Platform Sets Sail for Equatorial Guinea

Alba B3 Compression Platform Sets Sail for Equatorial Guinea December 2015 - The Alba B3 Compression Platform is now in transit to its final destination in Equatorial Guinea. Escher Process Modules received the Letter of Award for the design, fabrication and delivery of a Fuel Gas and Seal Gas conditioning skid.

The 142-tonne skid, constructed in Zaandam, will process the fuel gas that is fed to the gas compressors on the platform. In November 2014, the skid was transported from Escher’s subcontractor, Cofely’s fabrication yard in Zaandam to the Heerema yard in Zwijndrecht. The skid was installed on the platform in December 2014. By mid-2015 the skid was completed and handed over to the client. Hans Mark Bunschoten, Managing Director of Escher Process Modules: “The project circumstances were complex, but with good team work we were able to complete this project in time. This is an achievement we can be proud of.” The Alba B3 compression platform is destined for the Alba gas and condensate field. This is located approximately 32 kilometres offshore from the capital, Malabo located on the island of Bioko in Equatorial Guinea. Marathon E.G. Production Limited (MEGPL) operates the Alba Field on behalf of itself and working interest partners Samedan of North Africa, Inc. a wholly owned subsidiary of Noble Energy, Inc. (NYSE: NBL) and Compania Nacional de Petroleos de Guinea Ecuatorial (GEPetrol).

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