Escher delivers biogas flare system

Escher delivers biogas flare system June 2016 - Escher has delivered a biogas flare system for client Torrgas in The Netherlands. Torrgas is building a pilot plant for Torrefaction. Torrefaction and gasification are processes that are generally physically separated over (long) distance. The torrefaction will take place as close to the biomass source as possible: close to large forests or agricultural areas.

The almost tenfold energy densification of the raw biomass by torrefaction and pelletisation results in an equivalent tenfold reduction in transport costs. Additional value creation comes from the gasification and Syngas upgrade, which will take place at locations with a high energy demand (industry, consumers).

The unique ability of the Client to combine the torrefaction value chain and six-years worth of biomass gasification experience will be instrumental in the successful, economical and continuous rollout of biomass gasification solutions for their customers. Escher On EPIC bases, Escher has delivered a 10-meter-high flare stack with an open pipe tip and continuous sparkling ignition system.

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