Inspecting Flares using a Drone: no loss of production and no compromises on safety!

Inspecting Flares using a Drone: no loss of production and no compromises on safety! June 2020 - The ultimate safeguarding

Flares are the ultimate safeguarding equipment of a petro-chemical plant. If everything else fails the Flare should be able to safely discharge the dangerous gasses and liquids which otherwise could have caused an explosion or other dangerous situation. Inspecting Flares therefore often results in loss of production and high costs, because operation of the plant needs to be shut down to ensure a safe environment. Drones, however, can perform the first inspection to assess the overall condition of the equipment without the need for human access to high risk zones, and without loss of production.

The total package for thorough Drone inspections
A Drone inspection can help plant operators to see the current status of its Flares and even use this information for predictive maintenance. Thus minimising risks, lowering costs and improving reliability. Escher partnered up with Drone specialist Dutch Drone Company, and provides Drone Inspection and Consultancy Services for Combustions Systems. With over six decades of combustion system knowledge and experience, Escher fully understands the challenges and concerns of plant operators. We know exactly what to look for in an inspection and are able to accurately interpret the results.  The Dutch Drone Company is a fully certified Drone operator, experienced to operate on both onshore and offshore installations. Using advanced Drone technology, we can conduct detailed, up-close inspections. The Drones can be equipped with high definition cameras, 3D scanning equipment and thermographic cameras to generate all the data needed to properly assess the condition of the installations.

Drone inspection services
When Escher performs a Drone inspection, the data generated during the Drone inspections (like high definition pictures, a 3D point cloud, and thermographic images) will be thoroughly reviewed and examined by one of our specialised Combustion Engineers. Based on this data it can be determined whether more thorough inspection is required or that the plant can remain in operation without problems.
The results of the inspection will be clearly listed in an inspection report, including high definition pictures of all relevant details, an indication of the current state of the equipment, potential risks for the performance of the equipment (if any), and recommended maintenance and cost indication (if any). Escher can also supply any required parts.
By performing frequent inspections, once or twice a year, Escher is also able to give an indication when the next maintenance needs to be scheduled. Possibly extending the lifetime of the equipment and minimising the amount of downtime as a result of unscheduled maintenance.
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